A Poster frame may be downloaded as a Photoshop action. Before execution resize and sharpen the image — no need to flatten layers. The action creates the following layers:

Move Photo

After running the action choose the Move tool and adjust the Photo slightly upward with the Arrow keys to give a base to the picture and allow space for a title. A Lithos font was used for above image. Consider running the Black Border effect, after running the Poster action, for added separation from the background when posting on the internet.

I used this frame for a 24" x 30" print of Antarctica. I knew 1 pixel lines wouldn't do the trick at 300 DPI so I specified 3 pixel lines with 1/4" between lines. Let's allow a border of 1/2" and 5" for the title area. With these requirements we need to compute the size of the image so that the final frame will be precisely 24"x30" wide at 300 DPI. We have

  WF = (width in inches) x DPI
  WI = WF - 2(BS + LS)
  HI = HF - (HT + BS + 2LS)
  WF = width of frame (30x300 = 9000)
  LS = line size (3)
  BS = border size (0.5x300 = 150)
  HF = height of frame (24x300 = 7200)
  HT = height of title area (5x300 = 1500)
  WI = width of image in frame
  HI = height of image in frame

For the 24"x30" poster of Antarctica we have

  WI = WF - 2(BS + LS) = 9000 - 2(150 + 3) = 8694 px 
  HI = HF - (HT + BS + 2LS) = (7200 - (1500 + 150 + 6) = 5544 px

First I resized the image to 8694 pixels wide and 300 DPI. To crop the canvas to dimensions of 8694x5544 I chose the Rectangular Marquee tool, specified Fixed size, and entered the dimensions. Then select an appropriate section and choose Image > Crop. I then applied the poster action. Parameters for the action, in order of entry, are

  (2LS, 2LS) (S) (LS) (2B, HF - (HI + 2LS))
For Antarctica we have

  (6,6) (75) (3) (9000, 7200 absolute)

After running the action the poster was exactly 24"x30" at 300 DPI.


A selection for the translucent rim is made. After selection a dark layer is blended with a Darken blend and a stroke applied to yield the border. Finally a background layer is added.