About the License

The license is valid for a single user, will remain valid for all future releases, and may be used on all your computers (Mac or PC). In the future, when support is provided for the latest cameras and lenses, simply download and install the latest release.

Payment Details

Be sure to try PTLens before purchasing a license. The first 10 images are free. PTLens does not run on all platforms and it's best to verify it works on your system.

The price is $25 US dollars and may be paid with credit card or PayPal using the link below. To pay in another currency, such as Euros, pay in US dollars and Paypal will automatically make the conversion to your currency.

After payment you will receive two emails: one from PayPal and another from ePaperPress. The email from PayPal will acknowledge your payment. The email from ePaperPress will contain a link to a password-protected site that holds your license.

Please ensure that your email address, on file with PayPal, is valid and your spam-blocking software allows emails with the subject "PTLens License".