This recipe for smoothies is low in carbohydrates and high in fat making it an ideal drink for those on a LCHF diet. It took several experiments, such as the one below, before I arrived at a suitable combination of ingredients.


4 oz Philadelphia Cream Cheese Spread
2 oz heavy cream
3 oz unsweetened almond milk
2 pinches stevia (equivalent to 2 tbsps sugar)
Choose one of the following flavorings:
    4 ml vanilla
    4 ml Banana
    2 ml peppermint1
    2 ml vanilla + 2 ml orange1

   1double the sugar to 4 pinches or 1 tad

See Resources for more information on flavorings and stevia.

For almond milk choose unflavored or vanilla but make sure it is unsweetened. This recipe is for unflavored almond milk. If you choose vanilla almond milk then decrease the amount of vanilla in the recipe by 2 ml.

When shopping for ingredients look for discounts at your local grocers as prices can vary significantly from one store to another. For example, the best discount I've found for Philadelphia Cream Cheese Spread is at CostCo where they sell it in 48oz tubs. Make sure it says "Spread" on the tub.


Mix with a stick blender thoroughly, pour it in a glass, and let set for a few hours uncovered in the refrigerator. During this time alcohol from the flavoring will evaporate and the mixture will thicken. Consider making your smoothies the night before and let them set in the refrigerator overnight.


The following summarizes the carbohydrate and fat content of a single smoothie.

4 oz cream cheese spread 8g 28g
2 oz heavy cream 1g 10g
3 oz almond milk 0g1g
Total 9g 39g