Frequently Asked Questions

Question. How does PTLens compare with Photoshop?

Answer. Good question and requires a somewhat lengthy response.

Question. How does PTLens compare with DxO Optics Pro?

Answer. For distortion correction of distant objects (10 feet to infinity) results obtained from PTLens are similar to results from DxO. Both PTLens and DxO can process fisheye images, correct perspective distortion, and complex lens distortion such as moustache distortion. DxO has automatic corrections for vignetting and chromatic aberration (CA). PTLens has manual adjustments for vignetting and CA. DxO offers additional features including raw conversion, adjustments for distance, exposure compensation, noise reduction, and volume anamorphosis. DxO costs $169 for the Standard version and $299 for the Elite version (full frame DSLR). PTLens costs $25.

Question. How long does it take to calibrate a lens?

Answer. It takes about 10 minutes for a prime lens, and 1-2 hours for a zoom lens. Requests are processed in the order received and results posted within a week.

Question. Can I use the Photoshop plug-in with other applications besides Photoshop or Photoshop Elements?

Answer. For PTLens to function correctly it must obtain the image and EXIF information. If your application indicates there is no EXIF information in the PTLens dialog then contact the author of your application to see if they can also provide EXIF information to plug-ins.

Question. PTLens is available as an external editor for Lightroom. When are you going to do a Lightroom plug-in?

Answer. Currently plug-ins are not supported under the Lightroom architecture. For details see comments by Tom Hogarty, Lightroom's Product Manager, in the Lightroom Journal.

Question. On the Mac why doesn't program work in Lightroom as an external editor?

Answer. is the standalone application. will work as an external editor.

Question. How much do you spend on advertising?

Answer. Nothing. All advertising is word of mouth and the savings passed on to you.